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Developed a carbon baseline and committed to the U.S. Department of Energy’s Better Climate Challenge to reduce portfolio-wide greenhouse gas emissions by at least 50% before 2030. 

Expanded solar energy use by enrolling six properties in community programs in Illinois, and received funding for new rooftop solar panels on 12 buildings in California and Colorado.

Developed pilot programs at five communities for toilet and flood leak detection, which has already saved a million gallons of water.

Worked with Energy Outreach Colorado to enroll 25 households into community solar subscriptions; this will save households about 50% on their monthly electricity bill.

2022 Green Hope Highlights

At Mercy Housing, we care about the communities in which we serve, which is why we created Green Hope, our environmental sustainability program. This initiative was designed to reduce our consumption of natural resources, reduce our waste, and create healthier living environments. 

Green Hope guides us in all aspects of our operations, from designing, building, and rehabilitating properties, to office practices, property operations, and resident services.

Environmental Sustainability

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