We are continually seeking ways to reduce the time and cost it takes to build affordable housing. Tahanan, which features 146 micro-studios for people exiting homelessness, was the first Mercy Housing community built using modular construction.

Located in San Francisco’s South of Market Area, this permanent supportive housing community, which completed construction in 2021, for adults who have experienced homelessness, features 145 studio apartments.

Traditional construction builds from the ground up, building each story only after the one below it is finished. Modular buildings are built in many pieces at an off-site warehouse, including wiring for electricity, plumbing, drywall, and cabinetry. These completed modules are shipped to the site, and the contractor uses cranes to stack them, much like building blocks. The last stage in the process is to connect them and put on a ‘skin’ and roof.

Tipping Point and the San Francisco Housing Accelerator Fund chose Mercy Housing to build this community, when we proposed using this quick, innovative building technology.


Innovations in Development