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 In recent years, Mercy Housing Lakefront’s acquisition of existing housing and construction of new housing has drastically increased the number of affordable, stable homes available in communities throughout the Midwest. As a result, the number of residents who have a solid foundation from which to pursue their dreams has effectively doubled in just a few short years. Growth on this scale is a testament to what is possible when we work together.


"I Just Love This Place — I Really Do"


Derek and Liz, along with their two teenage children, proudly call Mercy Housing Lakefront’s Cannon Place their home. Previously homeless for four months, the family faced difficulty as they spent time living with friends, in hotels, and out of their car. “We went through a lot of stuff with being homeless,” Derek, who is a veteran, recounts. “It put a lot of trauma on all of us.”

Referred to Mercy Housing Lakefront, the family applied for housing with the expectation of a five-month wait. However, with frequent status updates from the property manager, they were able to move in after just one month. Liz remembers fondly, noting, “That was the best call ever.” Derek, in agreement, adds, “That was the first domino in fixing our lives.”



Residents improved food security by








between 2017 and 2019, based on our Annual Resident Survey

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New Beginning, Old Friends

Mercy Housing Lakefront began rehabilitation work on the Miriam Apartments in Chicago’s Uptown community to preserve 66 homes of supportive housing. Mercy Housing Lakefront will welcome residents back to the Miriam Apartments in 2020.

125 Years of Respect, Justice, and Mercy

During our 2019 Live in Hope event, we celebrated St. Catherine Residence’s 125th Anniversary, marking 125 years of service to women living in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Our Volunteer Service Award was presented to Friends of St. Catherine Residence at this event, recognizing over 50 years of commitment and service to the community.

Legacy of Hope

We honored Sister Lillian Murphy, Mercy Housing Inc. former CEO, by updating the community room, food pantry, and library at Cannon Place in Danville, Illinois. Improvements were made with support from the National Equity Fund.

Indianapolis Housing Development

Mercy Housing Lakefront graduated from the 2019 Indiana Supportive Housing Institute, an initiative launched by the Corporation for Supportive Housing and Indiana Housing & Community Development Authority that provides comprehensive training, individualized technical assistance, and an opportunity to apply for valuable pre-development financing. Mercy Housing Lakefront’s participation in the Institute fit into the organization’s efforts to develop new, high-quality integrated supportive housing in the Indianapolis region.

Expanding Services to the Austin Community

Mercy Housing Lakefront served as a lead strategy partner for the Housing Issue Area of Austin’s Quality-of-Life Plan called Austin Forward Together, which is facilitated by Austin Coming Together. As part of this initiative and with support from Wells Fargo, Mercy Housing Lakefront increased our investment in Resident Services staffing in the Austin neighborhood of Chicago. 


Independent in Indy

Donna is 70 years old and fiercely independent. A native of West Virginia, she moved to Indianapolis from Philadelphia for a job doing quality control that she loved. When the company eventually moved its operations to Kentucky, however, she lost her job. To make matters worse, Donna was beginning to struggle with a hip injury. In a short time, she found herself without a job and on the brink of a health crisis. As she notes, “I got poor and sick … I didn’t really know what to do, ‘cause I’d never been in that situation before. To be almost homeless.” 

Fortunately, Donna found Mercy Housing Lakefront’s Spruce Manor Apartments. In a time of need, Donna was “so appreciative of them to let me move in here.” Today, Donna maintains her independence while making time for family and relationships in the Spruce Manor community. She lives near her two sons, and her grandchildren visit so frequently they’re known by the other residents. Often, she can be found grilling on the lawn, watching a basketball game, or playing card games like Euchre. With Mercy Housing Lakefront’s help, Donna remains “independent and proud.”

Mercy Housing Lakefront first entered Indiana in 2017 as a result of the donation of 20 properties from the Franciscan Ministries. Four of these properties were in Indiana, including Spruce Manor, which is in Indianapolis. Now, MHL is working to develop its first new-construction affordable housing development in Indianapolis. While still in the planning stages, the new community is expected to provide permanent supportive housing for people with extremely low incomes who have experienced homelessness integrated with affordable housing for low-income working families.


Finding Time to Recover


St. Catherine's 125th


Selfless Acts of St. Anthony's

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Our donors and partners are committed to creating affordable homes and inspiring dreams, as we continue our important work of serving the most vulnerable families and seniors. As we enter a new fiscal year, our services are needed now, more than ever, to meet the growing needs of people of all ages across the country. 

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