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Staff helped residents access over $6 million in state and local emergency rental assistance.

Piloted credit-building initiatives with California residents through a partnership with Freddie Mac and Esusu.

Average length of residency is more than six years, three times the national average of two years, a testament to the stability residents are finding with Mercy Housing.

Property Management Highlights

Mercy Housing Management Group (MHMG) was established in 1983 to provide property management services for Mercy Housing’s affordable housing communities. 

Today, MHMG manages hundreds of properties for multiple ownership groups with a wide variety of product, regulatory, and population types across the United States.

Property Management

Meet Paul

When Paul Tonga started at Mercy Housing in 2013, he never imagined his job would turn into such a rewarding career. “My favorite part of my job is being able to help remove barriers and get things done.” 

As a Regional Facilities Manager, Paul ensures that physical asset-related operations at the Northern California properties are following all applicable regulations, in addition to meeting the high operational standards of Mercy Housing. Paul is also part of the REDI Collaborative.

He is deeply committed to helping other staff grow in their careers like he did. “It feels great to assist, teach, and help the maintenance teams. I was able to spread my wings and build new skills. What we do here every day for people makes it all worth it. 

“We are making a difference. I love what the organization stands for across the country. I can be 100 miles or thousands of miles away from my coworkers, but we are all together working toward the same mission to improve the way of life for residents.”

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