The Power to Change Lives

As we embark on a new five-year Business Plan and change our name from ‘Mercy Loan Fund’ to ‘Mercy Community Capital’ (MCC), it’s a good time to pause for reflection. We are proud of MCC’s record success from 2015-2019, and we couldn’t have accomplished it without our committed partners, dedicated Board of Directors, and talented staff.



  • Equity — MCC’s equity position, or net assets, improved from $12MM to $31MM, representing a 158% increase. 

  • Outstanding Loans — MCC’s outstanding loans (portfolio size) grew from an average of $36MM to $75MM on balance sheet, representing a 108% increase. 

  • Total Assets — MCC’s total assets (fund size) expanded from $51MM to $85MM, representing a 66% increase. 

  • Profitability — MCC’s profitability (operating net income) improved from $640 to approximately $1.5MM, representing a 130% increase. Correspondingly, MCC’s self-sufficiency ratio (operating income/operating expenses) increased from 106% to 150%+. 

  • Impact — MCC closed 93 transactions totaling more than $125MM, representing nearly $2 billion in total development costs – i.e., a leverage factor of 15x, which is double MCC’s historical leverage factor. Moreover, 92% of MCC’s activities were at or below 80% of AMI and resulted in nearly $60MM in household savings. 

  • Credit Rating — MCC’s external credit rating from Aeris improved three levels based on the traditional Wall-Street Scale and now sits at ‘AA+,’ representing the top 15% of rated CDFIs. 


Additionally, 2019 was the high-water mark in our 35-year history for gross closings and net closings (after participations), both topping $40MM, which translated into $750MM of development. All credit goes to our incredibly dynamic team. Building on this momentum, we have big plans for the future.


As our organization has continued to evolve and achieve unprecedented success, we are strengthening our commitment to our mission and why we do this critical work. Overall, we are not trying to simply close real estate deals; instead, we are focused on aligning capital with good. As our new name suggests, we are increasingly thinking creatively and more broadly about capital and how we can catalyze investments in disadvantaged communities through affordable housing in order to help those most in need. Our new five-year goal to expand into a $100MM fund is not for growth’s sake, but rather, to increase Mercy Housing’s impact in order to uplift our nation’s most vulnerable populations. This is our mission and renewed focus. 


We are excited for the journey ahead.   



Jason Battista
Mercy Community Capital

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