In recent years, Mercy Housing Lakefront’s acquisition of existing housing and construction of new housing has drastically increased the number of affordable, stable homes available in communities throughout the Midwest. As a result, the number of residents who have a solid foundation from which to pursue their dreams has effectively doubled in just a few short years. Growth on this scale is a testament to what is possible when we work together.

In 2019, your support continued to help preserve and expand the supply of quality affordable homes through projects like the renovation at the Miriam Apartments and an initiative in Indianapolis to create new supportive housing in the region. Perhaps more importantly, however, was how your support created opportunities for residents to access health and other supportive services that positively impact their lives. 

We have worked diligently in the past year to continue refining our approach to Resident Services and identifying new ways to integrate it with high-quality housing, knowing that doing so is imperative to providing equitable access to opportunity. The result of this effort is an accessible system of support in which each resident has the tools needed to achieve their aspirations. For the residents whose stories are included in this report, those tools have made all the difference. 

Without you, donors and board members like Ritu Vig and the members of the St. Vincent de Paul Society, and the countless others who lend their support, creating the stable, vibrant, and healthy communities that enable residents to thrive, would not be possible.

Thank you for demonstrating in so many ways that, together, we can create a world in which success is accessible to all. 

Yours in Hope,



Mark Angelini
President, Mercy Housing Lakefront


Philanthropy is a Family Affair

Ritu Vig, Mercy Housing Lakefront Board Member and Donor

Ritu Vig has served on Mercy Housing Lakefront’s Board of Directors for the past five years. She became involved with MHL through a coworker and was inspired by the mission. “I think that one of the things that sets us apart as an organization is the way that we build that community through our supportive services. When residents come in, it’s about creating that foundation so that they can really grow and be where they want to be and move their life in the direction that they want to move it in. I derive a lot of personal happiness and joy out of being able to support the organization in any way that I can.”

For Ritu, philanthropy is a family affair. “There’s a proverb that my dad used to say about living your life so you can help others. My husband and I hope to be able to instill that in our kids as well.”

“One of the things I love about Mercy,” Ritu says, “is you’ve welcomed my whole family.” She adds that, “Engaging this next generation of givers early on is so important. Not just to give but to create that mindset of being part of a community. You’re responsible for the people around you in some way; I think that’s really important.”

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