For two decades too long, Ms. Flowers was living in an unsafe neighborhood. Crime kept her distracted. It affected her outlook on life, making it hard to grow as a person and to become the best version of herself. Though there were difficult times, Ms. Flowers’ dedication to a better life persevered, and not just for herself, but the surrounding community as well. Her passion for her community permeated into planning for Savannah Gardens.

Ms. Flowers Blooms

This family community is located in Savannah, Georgia’s historic neighborhood. Its positive impact on the area is as stunning as its beauty.

In 2012, Savannah Gardens opened, and with it, new hope for Ms. Flowers and many more. The stability that her new home and community brought opened doors to new possibilities. No longer burdened by the constant weight of crime, she began exploring opportunities that hadn’t always been available to her.  

Ms. Flowers is a long-term resident of Strathmore and knows the neighborhood well. It’s why she felt so moved to contribute to the Savannah Garden’s planning process, offering her irreplaceable insight into what the community was, is, and could be. She and others provided their wisdom and first-hand experiences to help build brighter futures for the families and seniors that now call Savannah Gardens home.

At this stage in her life, now that she has a stable home, where she can focus on what matters, she decided to improve a skill that she’d wanted to grow for a long time, reading. She signed up for Mercy Housing’s onsite Adult Education class and hit the books. She’s working on getting her GED. Tragically, a fire at her old school had robbed her of essential documentation — her high school transcript, diploma, and all records of her academic achievements. But her hard work is already paying off.

As her reading and vocabulary grew, a newly found love of reading blossomed. Now a voracious reader, she reads for her class, and for fun as well. When she’s not reading or working on a class assignment, she manages to find time to help others. As an avid volunteer at her church and throughout the community, she enjoys doing what she’s always done, giving back. Knitting and sewing give her solace, and she’s famed at Savannah Gardens for her gardening. Mercy Housing staff and fellow residents lovingly refer to her green thumb’s handy work as “Ms. Flower’s flowers.”

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