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Opening Doors to Opportunity

Families that have suffered from domestic violence will soon find solace at Tyler Valley Apartments. Mercy Community Capital is honored to serve El Monte, CA, fostering access to opportunity through affordable homes with services for people in need. Thanks to a partnership between Mercy Community Capital, The Cesar Chavez Foundation (CCF), and Los Angeles Downtown Women’s Center (DWC), this community will offer 53 homes with essential resident services for families earning very low incomes who seek respect, justice, and mercy.


MCC provided two crucial loans for Tyler Valley Apartments, totaling $3,460,000 — one being a land acquisition loan and the other a community integration loan. A high loan-to-value financing product was offered, which is rare to find but MCC wanted to do everything possible to ensure the long-term success and resiliency of this community. 


Transitioning into a new home is difficult. For families recovering from the destabilizing and tragic effects of domestic violence, it is vital to offer continuity of care so that enduring ties to their sense of community and pre-existing, positive support systems stay in place. Access to meals, education, workforce development, and DWC’s woman’s medical and mental health clinic will all be available to residents. Survivor‐driven and Critical Time Intervention (CTI) practices will help Tyler Valley Apartments residents at a pivotal time in their lives. This community is at the heart of our mission, and Mercy Community Capital is overjoyed to support its fruition. MCC could not have done it alone. Our relationship with CCF goes back more than 10 years, and MCC was thrilled to have them as partners once again as we foster health and vibrancy.


Tyler Valley Apartments and the services provided offer a critical step for people to get the footing they need to create self-empowerment and pursue their dreams. Access to a healthy, caring home will be the first of many positive steps for families in the El Monte community. Partnerships are making brighter futures possible. We thank everyone that is helping us to bring hope through homes.



new homes for families recovering from domestic violence


Tyler Valley Apartments will provide