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11,435 households received food assistance through Resident Services, including food pantries and meal deliveries.

Staff helped 8,000 residents with housing stability services through one-on-one assistance and support.

2,200 children participated in Out-of-School Time, where they got help with homework, 
did fun activities, and more!

1,000 residents volunteered in and around their communities

Resident Services Highlights

Having a home is often just the start of a person’s journey to stability. Resident Services provide support in the areas of health and wellness, financial and housing stability, Out-of-School Time programs, and community involvement.

Resident Services are tailored to the needs of each community and the individuals who live there. Along with programs like onsite food pantries, budgeting classes, and after-school homework clubs, staff members work with residents one-on-one to help identify and access resources needed to meet their short- or long-term needs.

Resident Services

More than a Roof

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