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The Metzler Legacy

Robert and Rosemary Metzler were siblings in a family that left a powerful legacy. Through their $1 million gift, they continued their family’s multigenerational tradition of supporting education for Colorado’s youth, which dates back to the mid-1800s. They believed in the power of learning and the importance of creating spaces for young people to explore and be creative. 

As teachers in Colorado, and in the case of Mr. Metzler as superintendent of schools in Clear Creek County, they profoundly improved education in Douglas County and Clear Creek County. Their gift will support the educational enrichment of children and youth whose families live in Mercy Housing communities in the Denver area, helping to secure a brighter future for generations to come.

Establishing a Brighter Future

The Mercy Housing Endowment, which was announced in 2022, was made possible by the Sisters of Mercy and the Metzler Family. The Endowment is a long-term investment that will secure the future of our organization and ensure its sustainability for generations to come. 

The Congregation of Sisters of Mercy — US Region made a remarkable donation of $5 million to establish the Endowment, demonstrating their commitment to program-enriched housing provided to residents and their belief in our mission. 

The Sisters of Mercy are known for their tradition of being a community of Faith in Motion. In 1981, almost 100 years after their formation, a group of passionate Sisters working in Omaha, saw a critical need for quality affordable housing. With a vision to ‘do better’ at providing safe and affordable housing, they created Mercy Housing. In the early years, they invited other communities of Women Religious to join them in their housing ministry. Together, these visionary women collaborated by providing financial support and guidance to respond to the needs of ​the times.

The Endowment will incorporate environmental, social, and governance considerations in line with Mercy Housing’s core values. The aim is to not only maximize the growth of the funds, but also preserve them for future generations, ensuring the long-term sustainability of our mission and programs.

40th Anniversary Gala

The 40th Anniversary Gala was a beautiful event where we raised over $2 million for future programs. We honored Adrienne Crowe and Lloyd Dean for their unwavering commitment to health and housing equity. We also announced the Mercy Housing Endowment, and enjoyed an amazing performance by the Curtis Family C-Notes. A big thank you to our event sponsors, with an extra-special thanks to our Legacy Sponsors, and their invaluable support. 

Thank You

On behalf of our Founding Communities, Board of Trustees, and everyone who works at Mercy Housing, we thank you. Thank you to our donors, financial partners, investors, and supporters who have joined us in our efforts to create more equitable access to affordable housing.

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